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So there I was, editing away and my messenger pings. It’s my friend Ellen who runs The Enchanted Florist. We first met at my last Quaint Queer Weird wedding fair where she was an exhibitor, we’ve kept in touch ever since. Anyway, she asks did I fancy coming along to take some photos of her beautiful flowers adorning a willow coffin. Would I? Yes please! So I got my gear together and jumped in my car to meet her and Jake who runs Sussex Willow Coffin at his workshop in Clayton 5 minutes from me.

The smell of cut wood and flowers was fantastic. Jake was very welcoming and we all chatted lots about life in general … well I bent their ears in truth! Working at home has it’s advantages but there is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than chatting about ‘stuff’ with interesting people. I chatted with Jake about my fascination with death and wanting to spend time documenting the ‘death community’ and indeed death itself. Hopefully, we will be able to work together again at some point so I can investigate this more.

Jake’s hand made willow coffins are stunning. There’s absolutely no doubt I would love to be buried in one when it is my time and Ellen knows what flowers I would like too! With sustainable and natural burials becoming more and more popular, Ellen’s flowers totally compliment the coffins, being made out of 100% natural products. I really wish them well advertising and promoting their services in and around Sussex.

I snapped away as Ellen and Jake prepared the flowers and coffins and then we headed outside to set up for the shoot. The backdrop available was stunning and the available light waning so I used a couple of OCFs to inject a bit of life … no pun intended!



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  • Sue Isaacs

    I wish I’d known about Jake when my mother died. I think the willow coffin I arranged for her came from Somerset. Lovely pictures

    • Lesley Burdett Taylor

      Awwww sorry for your loss Sue. Thank you for your comment x

  • Elvira

    Wow – beautiful. Posting from Bermuda where I met Ellen. She truly is an “Enchanted Florist”.

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