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#project100 consists of us attending a location of your choice for approx. one hour’s total shooting, photographing you, your staff, premises, products or vehicles, whatever YOU want to achieve to portray your business professionally on your website or on social media. Post shoot, you will receive approximately 50 edited images for full copyright use on your website & literature. The catch?! We expect you to sing our praises on your social media (cheeky one there but it’s ALL about social media and referrals), we will blog about photographing your fab business in return and most importantly place a link from your website to ours for a minimum of 12 months*. There will also be a nominal fee of £100 (inc. VAT) to cover travel. That’s it!

Just so you are aware, our current day rate for established corporate companies is currently £800 per day and £450 per half day for SME’s (prices include editing time which can run into an extra couple of days at times!). We have detailed our rates so you know are getting our expertise and editing time for a fraction of the normal professional price. You will obviously receive our same high standard of service!

Our sole aim with #project100 is to raise the profile of our business locally and most importantly, is to tell your story and establish an ongoing relationship with YOU. Places are limited so feel free to jump on-board.

Please either email lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk or contact Lesley directly on 07867 525090. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lesley Twitter: @lesley_infinity

12419328_578281892340370_6824093553234260118_o (1)IMG_1710100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_1275IMG_4092111_IMG_0057100_IMG_0109100_IMG_0595100_IMG_0886100_IMG_0550100_IMG_0366100_Copyright IMG_206945120_lesley_burdett_img_01035IMG_6740Jack the Lad100_100_IMG_0417-2IMG_8282164_0844_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk0182_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2610Lesley Burdett_0200_IMG_0264 IMG_9008 114_245_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk IMG_8932

Terms and conditions:

  • Website link backs will be verified on a monthly basis. Failure will result in contract penalties and a slap on the forehead!
  • A contract with T&C’s, full written requirements & agreement is reached before the shoot, ensuring we deliver to brief
  • Website link must be from your website’s front page (or footer if website has a splash page)
  • Any Infinity Photographic images used for off-line literature must contain a full footnote credit
  • Provided images are for your own business use only
  • Additional hours will be charged at £200 (inc. VAT) per hour
  • Travel is limited within 25 miles of BN6 9BU
2016-02-03 16.43.28

Today, February 4th 2016, is World Cancer Day.

My name is Lesley Burdett and today I don’t have cancer, specifically Breast Cancer. I know this as yesterday I attended the Brighton Breast Clinic for tests into a lump that appeared in my left breast during the back end of 2015. A visit to my doctors mid January lead to my referral to the breast clinic and the two week wait for my appointment felt like a lifetime. My head was filled with what if’s and I mentally prepared myself to accept and deal with any diagnosis given. I felt I was in the known bracket for breast cancer. I’m a mum of three and breast fed all of my boys, I have been on the pill for many years on and off, I am a smoker and am the wrong side of 45. The only thing I had in my favour, is there is no history of breast cancer in my family.

An early arrival at the clinic saw an initial examination and I was sent to have a mammogram and ultrasound. The mammogram was pretty uncomfortable if I am honest. I am not endowed with huge bazookas so having to squish my little boobs into the perspex sandwich instruments, did make light of the situation. An ultrasound followed soon after and after a few mins of checking and the machine beeping, the doctor said “You have a cyst in your left breast, would you like me to drain it?” “Oh yes!” was my reply. The relief I felt lying in the darkened room was immense. The cyst was drained within minutes and hurt no more than a blood test. The doctor was happy with colour/look of the fluid which was drained and it will be sent off for testing as a precaution. A follow up chat post ultrasound with the original doctor, confirmed that over the next few years, I may be susceptible to further cysts and I should contact my own doctor if this happened. I thanked the doctor and praised her and the staff for how well and how quickly they had dealt with me. Thank god for our NHS.

I actually type this post with some guilt as I have two good friends who have recently battled with breast cancer, mastectomies, chemo and radiotherapy, you know who you are, as well as other friends who have battled cancer in the past. I know I have been lucky on this occasion so I want to take this opportunity to ask you and all my friends, female and male, to take a moment at some point today to check your bits and bobs. It just takes a minute and could save your life.

Finding a breast lump has also helped me find the strength to give up smoking again so I am like a bear with a sore head at the moment but know it’s in mine and beautiful family’s best interests. I’d like to thank the very small group of people who knew about my boob lump for their concern and love and a very special shout out to my man Dave for being there for me.

Take care out there and my thoughts go to anyone battling Cancer right now #fuckcancer


p.s. Do you know how hard it is to write on your own boob?!
p.p.s. If you are offended by my post’s photo then go bite yourself #freethenipple

I am so very lucky to have so many creative contacts as friends, from photography through to fashion, hair, artists and dress making.

When I got a call from Leonie Lawmon who owns the amazing Leonie Claire Bridal Boutique in Brighton asking me to take part in her exclusive launch of Rue De Seine bridal range which she is the UK’s exclusive supplier for the next 6 months, I jumped at the chance. Rue De Seine originates form down under and their dresses and unique, dreamy, boho quite frankly, the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen! Leonie’s original idea of a catwalk, watched by brides and friends and industry people, quickly changed to a styled shoot lead by me and involving some great suppliers. Leonie and I worked together on a styled shoot soon after I was bestowed the title of the ‘Grand Hotel in Brighton’s preferred wedding and event photographer’ and Leonie said she loved my energy and could just imagine guests loving being involved in something similar. It also meant we would have some awesome images of a collection never before seen in the UK!

Leonie’s energy and attention to detail match my own so as soon as we met, little did she know she got my total approval and I knew she would be someone I’d would always love to work with.


Plans were firmed up and soon it was the night of launch on Thursday 24th September. I arrived to find Leonie’s shop being decked out in the most amazing decorations from Kate Langdale Florist. Leonie’s premises are clean and beautiful anyway but to see it adorned in stunning flower displays and hanging art, transported me to somewhere exotic.

110_lesley_burdett_OR8A1155 117_lesley_burdett_OR8A1174 140_lesley_burdett_OR8A1224 368_lesley_burdett_OR8A1770

My assistant and studio buddy Marta turned up soon after and we set about installing the backdrop and lights around the hanging flower feature which was going to be the main focus of the shoot. Hair and make up for our stunning models Naomi and Ella were now in full swing with Willie (hair) and Eleise (MUA) doing the honours.

119_lesley_burdett_OR8A1178 136_lesley_burdett_OR8A1219157_lesley_burdett_OR8A1257 206_lesley_burdett_OR8A1353

After a quick run through, it was time for guests to start arriving. I took a quick break …


The evening went wonderfully. Fizz was flowing and canapes were nibbled.

133_lesley_burdett_OR8A1211 212_lesley_burdett_OR8A1364 235_lesley_burdett_OR8A1405 239_lesley_burdett_OR8A1411 251_lesley_burdett_OR8A1436 257_lesley_burdett_OR8A1453 261_lesley_burdett_OR8A1460 270_lesley_burdett_OR8A1477 274_lesley_burdett_OR8A1485 281_lesley_burdett_OR8A1507 282_lesley_burdett_OR8A1508 287_lesley_burdett_OR8A1516 289_lesley_burdett_OR8A1518 298_lesley_burdett_OR8A1529 301_lesley_burdett_OR8A1539 308_lesley_burdett_OR8A1553 337_lesley_burdett_OR8A1633

Guests were blown away by the dresses and I loved chatting in between dress changes. It went very quickly and before I knew it, it was time to pack up. I seriously loved shooting the dresses and working with such an amazing team. My personal thanks to Marta for being my right hand girl and shooting behind the scenes and to Leonie for jumping aboard the crazy train and trying something different. I really hope the UK blogs love the photos. Here’s a selection for you:

0105_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2116 0124_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2237 0136_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2314 0141_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2344 0143_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2392 0147_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2449 0159_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2512 0173_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2577 0182_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2610

Behind the scenes images courtesy of Marta.

Until next time.





Meet Lizzy


I would like to introduce you to Lizzy.

Lizzy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer just 4 weeks into her pregnancy. She has undergone a mastectomy, Lymph node clearance and chemo during her pregnancy. Her little miracle is due to be delivered by c-section at the end of January and her obstetrician has agreed to allow me to photograph the birth …. EEK! I am so very excited but scared at the same time as capturing this little miracle’s arrival into the world will be one of the most personal things I have ever been invited to photograph. I am quite emotional … and know I will need tissues at the birth already!

In the middle of a house move … yes she is crazy … Lizzy mentioned she had a maternity appointment last week, so as we haven’t actually met yet, I suggested turning up to take some photos. Her lovely midwife agreed so I dropped in to her clinic to shadow her.

To be honest it was great being a fly on the wall, taking me back to when I was pregnant (I am mum to 3 gorgeous boys), having my blood pressure taken, being measured and listening to bump’s heart beat. I don’t miss the cold jelly though!


Listening to Lizzy talk, she was right on top of her treatment, blood counts and medicines. The amount of people that are looking after her and bump is astonishing! Her excellent sense of humour was apparent and I know this lady and her precious bump are fighters. Much kudos to you Lizzy x

So watch this space, for news re the induction of Lizzy’s bump. Finger’s crossed please Infinity peeps!

Just a reminder my personal project for 2015 is ‘The Human Life Cycle’ with a view to putting together an exhibition in Spring 2016. I think my project pretty much covers anything from birth to death so please get in touch if you have something interesting that you would like me to consider: lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk Here’s a blog post of when my own mum was very poorly recently to show you how passionate I am about recording the small but important details all the while keeping my photography true.

Here’s the rest of photos from Lizzy’s trip to her midwife:

200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9894 200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9885200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9845200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9837200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9854200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9858200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9859200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9864200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9866200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9873




2014 Review

Well, where on Earth did 2014 go?! I honestly can’t believe it’s 2015. Seriously.

Firstly, Happy New Year! I am posting this a little later than I originally hoped and this is largely down to two things. The first was because I was working hard in the run up to Christmas at the magnificent Grand Hotel in Brighton. I was running my Pop Up Studio taking photos of Brighton’s party people celebrating Christmas, the booking all down to a lovely acquaintance who put my name forward to the management. Thank you, you know who you are. The second was because after celebrating Christmas and New Year with my wonderful family, I escaped to Egypt for some much needed sun and rest after burning myself out. This post is a combination of what mischief I got up to in 2014 and what delights 2015 may bring.

So back to 2014, what a whirlwind! It started with me transitioning over my father’s existing business and setting up Infinity Photographic as a Limited Company. It’s been a tough year financially, physically and mentally, I don’t mind admitting it. That said however, I have relished the challenge and threw myself into everything Infinity Photographic.

Although I am lucky enough to be disciplined in most areas of photography, I made a decision at the beginning of the year to actively seek experience in areas that I am not that familiar with and at my own expense. It’s not all about the money people! This proved to be a great decision. I have met the most amazing group of people passionate about all sorts of things including cabaret, portraiture and photography itself and I have captured some stunning portfolio photos some down to some extraordinary people. I hope I can continue this practice going forward when time allows.

Schools and Nurseries

Bookings from schools and nurseries have increased through direct recommendations and referrals from my current set of schools and nurseries which is fantastic and is the absolute best way to get new business! I have also learnt as a parent and as a professional photographer, through receiving my own children’s school photos (which were particularly awful this year) that I will never be able to please every parent of every child I photograph. I honestly take time and think about the parent’s reaction of every single child as I photograph them, especially with the iPhone smile truly upon us! Although there are very early starts involved and I spend many hours travelling across the South Cost and up to London photographing nursery, infants, juniors and senior students, I totally love visiting my schools and nurseries, meeting the teachers, fitting in with their unique routines and obviously meeting, interacting and photographing the children.

Seb and Ollie 2014

My children’s school photo … priceless!

Jaunty Twig

I’ve also spent a lot of time and energy on my other venture, Jaunty Twig. Jaunty Twig is an app which allows guests at events to take and share photos from their mobiles which are then displayed live at the event. I wrote it as a high-tech replacement of disposable cameras. It’s been going crazy since it was launched at the end of 2013 and I have been planning hard on Jaunty’s future. After receiving some outside angel investment half way through the year from someone wonderful who knows the potential Jaunty has, I spent the last 5 months of 2014 developing and integrating the app with major social media taking Jaunty Twig to the next level. With a launch event planned for early 2015 for event coordinators and SME businesses, please feel free to follow the Jaunty Twig Facebook page for more detail.

Jaunty Twig MontageJaunty Twig High Res


I LOVE MY WEDDINGS! Every single wedding enquiry I receive gets me excited as I don’t see my wedding bookings as a job at all. Spending all day with my couples and their family and friends celebrating the most important days of their lives, looking out for and helping with the little things I know backwards with my eyes closed. What could be better?! Although my couples love my photography, I feel I am still on my journey to define a unique photography style. I am friends with lots of photographers, a few whose wedding photography is quite frankly awesome in my own eyes, so I have set myself a very personal goal for 2015 which I am very excited about.

Bridal Prep Montage

Bridal Couple Montage

Food Montage
Wedding Fairs

As if I am not busy enough, I also organise an alternative wedding fair called Quaint Queer Weird which offers couples in love the opportunity to source alternative suppliers for their weddings. 2015 sees the first Kent QQW wedding fair in April which I am pretty darn excited about as my plans to roll out across the UK are finally happening. Do pop along!

Facebook Photo 2


I have been invited by so many lovely people to photograph them and their families. Thank you. I really adore spending time with people, getting them to relax before and during their shoot, making them feel at ease and their photos totally show this. Location shoots are my absolute favourite way of capturing people and I will be offering some fab deals for impromptu shoots going forward and I have a project in mind which will hopefully allow me to accomplish the second goal I have set myself for 2015. Unusually, I got to photograph my mum earlier in the year. Not really a happy occasion but my blog gives you an insight into my preferred style of photography which is candid photo journalism.

300_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_8992 300_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9213 106_100_IMG_1658 100_IMG_9048 100_IMG_0109 100_IMG_1782 100_IMG_1128 100_IMG_1408 100_IMG_0716

Corporate & Business

I have built up a small but dedicated number of happy corporate clients during 2014 who call upon me when they need my services and I am very grateful for their business. Honing my product, pack shot and staff portrait photography, I will be actively seeking local small businesses to photograph during 2015. And if you run a small business, don’t forget about my #Project50 scheme. You can’t go wrong!

Photography Product Photography Product Photography Product Photography Equestrian Product Photography

Workshops & Training

I didn’t run as many workshops as normal this year as I have been so busy but I hope that everyone who booked into my workshops, had a one-to-one session or attended my school tasters during 2014, found my sessions helpful and you are still being brave enough to switch to manual every now and then. I loved teaching you all!

Blog Assist Holy Moly


2014 was pretty crazy in all honesty! The Pop Up Studio was called upon frequently for large corporate events, private functions and I even attended V-Fest, Brighton Pride and Doggy Pride which is an absolute must for all dog lovers! Drop in Paparazzi bookings for VIP events were at some awesome venues and allowed me network directly with some key decision makers too. I am currently in the throws of converting two caravans into Photo Booths … just waiting for a break in the weather. I really cannot tell you how excited I am about them. They are seriously going to knock couple’s socks off and I know fill a massive gap in the wedding market. Watch the Infinity Photographic Facebook page for updates!

111_IMG_0057 100_IMG_0159 Brighton Pride Brighton Pride100_100_IMG_1688Photo Booth Montage


My particular highlights of 2014 included photographing the first same sex wedding of a wonderful couple at Brighton town hall, which incidentally allowed me to smash the only goal I set myself for 2014 – a blog mention on the infamous Rock n Roll bride, romantic couple shoots in Brighton that made my heart melt, involvement in the Brighton Homeless – Christmas in Need and being asked to shoot the Croydon Tattoo Convention 2015 calendar and learning to shoot outside my comfort zone.

100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_10822169_761312410616796_642936750_n-2 IMG_9543 100_IMG_7619

And finally ….

2014 wouldn’t have gone with such a swing without a few key people who I would like to take a moment to thank. To my dad Trevor for his awesome editing skills and ongoing support. To my mum Dee for her love, support and words of wisdom. To Jason my second shooter for doing an awesome job looking after me and running the Pop Up Studio at weddings dealing wonderfully with tipsy guests! To Skye my beautiful QQW social media and right hand girl who without your help and giggles, I would honestly go crazy. To Kate whose friendship, support, boy sitting duties and admin back up has given me a new lease of life and has allowed me to concentrate on getting behind my camera rather than sitting at my desk. To the very talented Steve from whom I know I have so much to learn. To Mike for your expertise and amazing photography knowledge. To my wonderful neighbours Ben and Rachel for allowing me to shoot your awesome wedding earlier in the year and for being there when I’ve needed you. Lots of love to Theresa, Owen, Lucy, Jamie, Gareth, Monica, Laura, Ryan, Julie, Binny and Neil who have helped out at numerous events …. didn’t we have fun?! To everyone who boy sat when needed. And finally, an extra special mention to Stephen, who looks after our beautiful children when I am out working evenings and weekends.

Here’s to 2015 everyone. May yours be healthy and happy and may my goals for Infinity Photographic be surpassed and our journey together continue!


So after I finished work last night at The Grand, I walked the streets of Brighton for a couple of hours with the volunteer crew of the Christmas Giveaway Brighton in Need organised by the awesome Lydia, who gave out sleeping bags, roll mats, coats and rucksacks filled with survival goodies such as toothpaste, toothbrush, heated hand packs, socks, hats and gloves as well as Christmas opening times info for the homeless charity First Base. Everything on the drop has been donated by the kind people of Sussex and the master plan pulled together by Lydia herself.

There was a few emotional moments but the most humbling bit for me was when Lydia gave a sleeping bag and rucksack to Nick on North Street and he asked what was in it. Lydia explained and he said to take the hat and gloves back as someone had brought him a hat earlier today and his own gloves were fine. I welled up big time! So here’s a quick pic of the volunteer crew by the station and the very selfless Nick.

Full blog post coming shortly.

109_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9322 117_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9333


Doggy Pride

So this Sunday I am at Hove Rec at Doggy Pride. I am so excited!

The event runs from midday. Hope to see you there!

Doggy Pride

I’m delighted to announce the first of my monthly ‘Infinity Presents … ‘ shoots takes place on Thursday 26th June at Powis Road Studio in Brighton between 6.30-9pm.

All future ‘Infinity Presents …’ shoots will be themed however, for the first one I thought you should decide how you’d like to be photographed.

The first session starts at 6.30pm and you’ll have 15/20 minutes in front of camera. The idea is to spontaneous and let me work me magic.

You need to arrive on site pre-styled however, there are changing facilities and a make up area for those who want to add those final touches. There is absolutely no problem if you would like a friend or your partner to accompany you. Rana Miller MUA and a hairdresser (TBC) will on site for the evening too if you need some assistance.


The cost is £10 per person (payable up front), 2 people max. per session. Post shoot, you receive a complete set of watermarked images for your own use. So what are you waiting for?! Get in touch NOW to book your session: 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 & 9.00



So here it is, the finished Rainbow Crossing on Madeira Drive opposite the JAG gallery. Isn’t it amazing?!

Brighton Rainbow Crossing

Legends Cassette Lord and Zee Zee Twenty Two are in this photo. They and their very clever artist buddies including the awesome Caia Matheson, created the Rainbow Crossing to help launch Heather Pearce‘s new single We Can Change from her new album, The Thin Line.

Here’s some more photos including my son Sebster:

101_100_IMG_2087 103_100_IMG_2095 104_100_IMG_2097 105_100_IMG_2099 106_100_IMG_2101 107_100_IMG_2103 108_100_IMG_2104 109_100_IMG_2108 110_100_IMG_2109 100_IMG_2113 112_100_IMG_2115 113_100_IMG_2118

So this morning, Seb, Anders and I dropped down to Madeira Drive to witness for myself the start of something iconic in Brighton.

Zee Zee 22 aka Cassette Lord is one of the artists working at the spot where this amazing installation is taking shape. So it looks like a Zebra Crossing yes?! Well I can’t tell you too much but watch your social media feeds over the next few days! You saw it here first ;-)

113_100_IMG_1151 112_100_IMG_1150 111_100_IMG_1144 110_100_IMG_1136 109_100_IMG_1133 108_100_IMG_1130 107_100_IMG_1125 106_100_IMG_1117 105_100_IMG_1115 104_100_IMG_1107 103_100_IMG_1100 102_100_IMG_1099 101_100_IMG_1096 100_100_IMG_1087

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