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In just over a week’s time, I will be attending the Snap Photography Festival at the Fforest Farm near Cardigan in Wales. As a seasoned Glasto girl, a week in the forest in my hunters doesn’t phase me especially as we are getting fed and watered!

I’m pretty excited at the prospect of being away for a whole week with so many creative people but very nervous at being in the company of so many amazing photography speakers. I’m personally a massive fan of Sam Hurd, Ross Harvey and Laura Babb (the actual real life SNAP photography festival organisor) in particular and by the end of my stay, I’ll know a lot more about everyone else involved too. The banter on our closed Facebook page has been great to date. It will be interesting to figure out who is who as I am rubbish at names but never forget a bloody face (which is torture being a tog!). I don’t tend to follow other photographer’s work as I’m a busy chick. Although my photography has evolved over the past couple of years … I know I have a long way to go until I am happy.


With a stunning list of daily activities and workshops, every day will be filled with inspirational ‘stuff’. I like ‘stuff’, it keeps me and my non-stop mind happy. I can never sit still for too long so I know I’m going to return from SNAP exhausted but elated. How do I know this? Because life is what you make it and those of you who know me, will know that. I have no expectations of the week only that I’m going to embrace everything and open my mind to others. It’s going to be the first time I have put myself on something like this for my photography. I want to learn. I want to learn how to take photos which take my own breathe away. If I can learn just one thing from SNAP, I will be happy.

I’m excited about the camp fires, the accommodation, the night shoot, the dawn shoot, the day shoots, the workshops, breathing in the sea air … hard, tangled hair. trying out brand new Olympus kit, the onsite pub, the wild water swimming (my wetsuit is packed!), the digital detox (I wonder who will get the shakes first?!), getting tipsy at the end of week party with entertainment by the awesome Disco Shed, checking out the stars and views … ohhh I do love a good view … but most importantly, meeting people. As a seasoned wedding and event photographer, chatting and making small talk with people doesn’t phase me BUT sitting around the camp fire trying not necessarily to talk about everything photography to a camp full of photographers is already making me giggle!

My guffaw of a laugh will be on loud. It’s good to laugh. I will have no commitments, no children needing or wanting me and my editing is (almost!) done before I go away with my children on holiday next week. Yes I will miss my babies but sometimes, you just have to get away, recoup and come back with a clear mind. That’s what SNAP is about … for me … and my future clients of course! I want to better myself. Pushing myself as it has always been in my nature. But not being a dick of course … that’s the balance I strive for.







As a child, my parents took us a few years on the trot to a place in Wales called Newgale which isn’t too far from Fforest. Travelling across the English/Welsh border with another family in convoy each summer, we used to pitch our tents in the farmer’s field up the windy hill and then us kids were basically left to our own devices for the entire summer. I have great memories of crabbing, field hopping, making friends with kids with weird accents, straw chucking and boogie boarding. Thank you Mum and Dad! Here’s a few photos:




I’m front right


My sister Ali and I

I’m travelling up with the Brighton babes namely Anna, Sarah and driver Jessica and I know it’s going to be a scream! My bladder is ‘child worn’ so hopefully there won’t be too many stops and we’ll be there in plenty of time to check out the location before it gets too dark. We’ve already started using my app Jaunty Twig to record our journey via social media to and from Wales as a record for us all so look out for a post w/c 20th April … maybe the week after actually as I have 3 schools to shoot that week!

So that’s it, a little insight into what I’ll be doing soon. I hope you all have a great Easter break and see you all soon.




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