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Rue De Seine Shoot

I am so very lucky to have so many creative contacts as friends, from photography through to fashion, hair, artists and dress making.

When I got a call from Leonie Lawmon who owns the amazing Leonie Claire Bridal Boutique in Brighton asking me to take part in her exclusive launch of Rue De Seine bridal range which she is the UK’s exclusive supplier for the next 6 months, I jumped at the chance. Rue De Seine originates form down under and their dresses and unique, dreamy, boho quite frankly, the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen! Leonie’s original idea of a catwalk, watched by brides and friends and industry people, quickly changed to a styled shoot lead by me and involving some great suppliers. Leonie and I worked together on a styled shoot soon after I was bestowed the title of the ‘Grand Hotel in Brighton’s preferred wedding and event photographer’ and Leonie said she loved my energy and could just imagine guests loving being involved in something similar. It also meant we would have some awesome images of a collection never before seen in the UK!

Leonie’s energy and attention to detail match my own so as soon as we met, little did she know she got my total approval and I knew she would be someone I’d would always love to work with.


Plans were firmed up and soon it was the night of launch on Thursday 24th September. I arrived to find Leonie’s shop being decked out in the most amazing decorations from Kate Langdale Florist. Leonie’s premises are clean and beautiful anyway but to see it adorned in stunning flower displays and hanging art, transported me to somewhere exotic.

110_lesley_burdett_OR8A1155 117_lesley_burdett_OR8A1174 140_lesley_burdett_OR8A1224 368_lesley_burdett_OR8A1770

My assistant and studio buddy Marta turned up soon after and we set about installing the backdrop and lights around the hanging flower feature which was going to be the main focus of the shoot. Hair and make up for our stunning models Naomi and Ella were now in full swing with Willie (hair) and Eleise (MUA) doing the honours.

119_lesley_burdett_OR8A1178 136_lesley_burdett_OR8A1219157_lesley_burdett_OR8A1257 206_lesley_burdett_OR8A1353

After a quick run through, it was time for guests to start arriving. I took a quick break …


The evening went wonderfully. Fizz was flowing and canapes were nibbled.

133_lesley_burdett_OR8A1211 212_lesley_burdett_OR8A1364 235_lesley_burdett_OR8A1405 239_lesley_burdett_OR8A1411 251_lesley_burdett_OR8A1436 257_lesley_burdett_OR8A1453 261_lesley_burdett_OR8A1460 270_lesley_burdett_OR8A1477 274_lesley_burdett_OR8A1485 281_lesley_burdett_OR8A1507 282_lesley_burdett_OR8A1508 287_lesley_burdett_OR8A1516 289_lesley_burdett_OR8A1518 298_lesley_burdett_OR8A1529 301_lesley_burdett_OR8A1539 308_lesley_burdett_OR8A1553 337_lesley_burdett_OR8A1633

Guests were blown away by the dresses and I loved chatting in between dress changes. It went very quickly and before I knew it, it was time to pack up. I seriously loved shooting the dresses and working with such an amazing team. My personal thanks to Marta for being my right hand girl and shooting behind the scenes and to Leonie for jumping aboard the crazy train and trying something different. I really hope the UK blogs love the photos. Here’s a selection for you:

0105_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2116 0124_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2237 0136_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2314 0141_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2344 0143_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2392 0147_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2449 0159_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2512 0173_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2577 0182_www.infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_2610

Behind the scenes images courtesy of Marta.

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