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Meet Lizzy


I would like to introduce you to Lizzy.

Lizzy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer just 4 weeks into her pregnancy. She has undergone a mastectomy, Lymph node clearance and chemo during her pregnancy. Her little miracle is due to be delivered by c-section at the end of January and her obstetrician has agreed to allow me to photograph the birth …. EEK! I am so very excited but scared at the same time as capturing this little miracle’s arrival into the world will be one of the most personal things I have ever been invited to photograph. I am quite emotional … and know I will need tissues at the birth already!

In the middle of a house move … yes she is crazy … Lizzy mentioned she had a maternity appointment last week, so as we haven’t actually met yet, I suggested turning up to take some photos. Her lovely midwife agreed so I dropped in to her clinic to shadow her.

To be honest it was great being a fly on the wall, taking me back to when I was pregnant (I am mum to 3 gorgeous boys), having my blood pressure taken, being measured and listening to bump’s heart beat. I don’t miss the cold jelly though!


Listening to Lizzy talk, she was right on top of her treatment, blood counts and medicines. The amount of people that are looking after her and bump is astonishing! Her excellent sense of humour was apparent and I know this lady and her precious bump are fighters. Much kudos to you Lizzy x

So watch this space, for news re the induction of Lizzy’s bump. Finger’s crossed please Infinity peeps!

Just a reminder my personal project for 2015 is ‘The Human Life Cycle’ with a view to putting together an exhibition in Spring 2016. I think my project pretty much covers anything from birth to death so please get in touch if you have something interesting that you would like me to consider: lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk Here’s a blog post of when my own mum was very poorly recently to show you how passionate I am about recording the small but important details all the while keeping my photography true.

Here’s the rest of photos from Lizzy’s trip to her midwife:

200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9894 200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9885200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9845200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9837200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9854200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9858200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9859200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9864200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9866200_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_IMG_9873



  • Kate Henwood

    What an amazing lady – I can’t wait to follow your story, Lizzy!

    • Lesley Burdett Taylor

      That she is Kate!

  • Claire Simpson

    Wow..can’t wait to follow this journey and you are the best person to share it with the world Lesley. Lizzy wishing you a short and easy delivery..you are fantastic!

    • Lesley Burdett Taylor

      Bless ya Claire x

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