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Croydon Tattoo Convention Shoot


So before Christmas I and my team travelled up to Croydon to shoot models destined for the Croydon Tattoo Convention calender/posters which will be sold during the convention.

The girls were very beautiful displaying their unique body art off to a tee. I really loved this shoot. I will be at the next Croydon convention with my Pop Up Studio and have plans for a graffiti back drop and maybe an obligatory throne to pose on!

I’d like to thank the awesome Leo Rios for involving me, EvilSteve Davey for his bloody amazing editing skills and Heba Prieto & Ximena for Hair and Make Up.

Here’s the final images:

100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_2 100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_3 100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_4 100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_5 100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_6 100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_7 100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_8 100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_9a 100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_10 100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_11 100_Lesley_Taylor_lesley@infinityphotographic.co.uk_12


  • Jax Bishop

    Beautiful ladies, artistically coloured! :D However, how come it’s only ladies…? Don’t MEN have tattoos too?? :D x

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