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Delighted to drop in on the Insideout team on site at Haywards Heath last week.

Paul contacted us with reference our Project 100 offer where we offer an hour’s professional photography for just £100*

The team were in good spirits and after a cracking cup of tea made by the boss himself, we set about shooting progress of the new driveway and lawn being installed out back. They’ve been working at the property on and off over the past few years and recently finished a fantastic looking outside living area. The Insideout team have got some amazing feedback on their CheckaTrade page so if you’re looking for some home improvements or landscape gardening, then do get in touch with them. We highly recommend them. Tell them we sent you!

*Terms and conditions apply.


#project100 consists of us attending a location of your choice for approx. one hour’s total shooting, photographing you, your staff, premises, products or vehicles, whatever YOU want to achieve to portray your business professionally on your website or on social media. Post shoot, you will receive approximately 50 edited images for full copyright use on your website & literature. The catch?! We expect you to sing our praises on your social media (cheeky one there but it’s ALL about social media and referrals), we will blog about photographing your fab business in return and most importantly place a link from your website to ours for a minimum of 12 months*. There will also be a nominal fee of £100 (inc. VAT) to cover travel. That’s it!

Just so you are aware, our current day rate for established corporate companies is currently £800 per day and £450 per half day for SME’s (prices include editing time which can run into an extra couple of days at times!). We have detailed our rates so you know are getting our expertise and editing time for a fraction of the normal professional price. You will obviously receive our same high standard of service!

Our sole aim with #project100 is to raise the profile of our business locally and most importantly, is to tell your story and establish an ongoing relationship with YOU. Places are limited so feel free to jump on-board.

Please either email or contact Lesley directly on 07867 525090. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lesley Twitter: @lesley_infinity

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Terms and conditions:

  • Website link backs will be verified on a monthly basis. Failure will result in contract penalties and a slap on the forehead!
  • A contract with T&C’s, full written requirements & agreement is reached before the shoot, ensuring we deliver to brief
  • Website link must be from your website’s front page (or footer if website has a splash page)
  • Any Infinity Photographic images used for off-line literature must contain a full footnote credit
  • Provided images are for your own business use only
  • Additional hours will be charged at £200 (inc. VAT) per hour
  • Travel is limited within 25 miles of BN6 9BU

Willow Coffins


So there I was, editing away and my messenger pings. It’s my friend Ellen who runs The Enchanted Florist. We first met at my last Quaint Queer Weird wedding fair where she was an exhibitor, we’ve kept in touch ever since. Anyway, she asks did I fancy coming along to take some photos of her beautiful flowers adorning a willow coffin. Would I? Yes please! So I got my gear together and jumped in my car to meet her and Jake who runs Sussex Willow Coffin at his workshop in Clayton 5 minutes from me.

The smell of cut wood and flowers was fantastic. Jake was very welcoming and we all chatted lots about life in general … well I bent their ears in truth! Working at home has it’s advantages but there is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than chatting about ‘stuff’ with interesting people. I chatted with Jake about my fascination with death and wanting to spend time documenting the ‘death community’ and indeed death itself. Hopefully, we will be able to work together again at some point so I can investigate this more.

Jake’s hand made willow coffins are stunning. There’s absolutely no doubt I would love to be buried in one when it is my time and Ellen knows what flowers I would like too! With sustainable and natural burials becoming more and more popular, Ellen’s flowers totally compliment the coffins, being made out of 100% natural products. I really wish them well advertising and promoting their services in and around Sussex.

I snapped away as Ellen and Jake prepared the flowers and coffins and then we headed outside to set up for the shoot. The backdrop available was stunning and the available light waning so I used a couple of OCFs to inject a bit of life … no pun intended!



100_lesley_burdett_img_0004 101_lesley_burdett_img_0007 102_lesley_burdett_img_0020 103_lesley_burdett_img_0023 104_lesley_burdett_img_0027 105_lesley_burdett_img_0030 106_lesley_burdett_img_0045 107_lesley_burdett_img_0065 108_lesley_burdett_img_0067 109_lesley_burdett_img_0069 110_lesley_burdett_img_0070 111_lesley_burdett_img_0072 112_lesley_burdett_img_0074 113_lesley_burdett_img_0078 114_lesley_burdett_img_0084 115_lesley_burdett_img_0087 116_lesley_burdett_img_0088 117_lesley_burdett_img_0092 118_lesley_burdett_img_0099 119_lesley_burdett_img_0100 120_lesley_burdett_img_0103 121_lesley_burdett_img_0106 122_lesley_burdett_img_0110




Hands up, my website is well out of date, I admit it! But that just means it’s wedding and school photography season and I’m absolutely stacked with work and wonderful life experiences. Please don’t hold it against me. My Facebook page is pretty busy though, do go visit!

Here’s something that made me laugh! Thanks to James and his entourage for this.


I get a few emails/calls a month asking if I can give someone Work or Second Shooter experience. The answer is almost always no.

The main reason for saying no to student Work experience requests is that due to the way my bookings work, I can’t actually provide someone with a fortnight’s worth of work and the red tape you have to go through regarding weekend work with minors makes things very difficult. Schools and Colleges really need to address this as unless you run a busy 5 day a week studio shooting products for example, photography bookings are mainly evenings and weekends. I do however, have daytime work experience opportunities with my app Jaunty Twig so I am able to provide some.

Regarding adult Work experience requests, the same applies. However, I firmly believe photography and people skills are best learnt on the job so if I think the opportunity arises during a busy studio session or booking, then I will always put a shout out on my Facebook pages Lesley Burdett Photography and Infinity Photographic. I work on a first come-first served basis, so please go follow my pages. I have met some wonderful and trustworthy people (who I now employ occasionally) through this method. I have also met some people who I don’t particularly want to work with again!

Regarding Second Shooter requests, I am lucky enough to already have a regular second shooter. We’ve worked together for two seasons years now and I have absolutely no plans to upgrade this particular model as we are a great team. Here he is:

Wedding Photography

Not only does he take great candid photos, he looks after me, my equipment and does things without me even knowing until I realise they have been done. Second shooting is so much more than just taking photos from different angles. There has however, been a couple of occasions when my second shooter is not available so rather than put a shout out on my page, I belong to a secret group of amazing photographers who all know their stuff and I have recruited that way and employed a second shooter.

If you really want to be taking seriously about gaining experience in second shooting, I would recommend directly contacting photographers you would like to work for. Do your research and be personal with your email/message go meet them at wedding fairs … gently stalk them! There is nothing worse than being contacted by someone who knows nothing about you, your work or which physical area/genres of photography you cover. I always take the time to reply to personally someone who has done their research and explain why I currently cannot give them a position. Everyone else gets a standard ‘thanks but no thanks’ reply.

The world of wedding photography has changed so much in the 8 years I have been doing it. If your ultimate goal is to be a wedding photographer, then get following those wedding photographer blogs and see how creative everyone is being and what is involved. An all day wedding is a 16 hour day door to door and that is without editing, wedding fairs, marketing, couple chats, venue visits and album/image delivery … the list goes on!


If you are lucky enough to find someone with an opening, don’t expect to be paid or be allowed to take photos straight away. Most importantly, don’t let yourself be taken advantage of! After a couple of weddings, and if everything is working out between you both, you could ask for your expenses to be covered at minimum. You are NOT a skivvy or bag carrier, you are hopefully learning the ropes. Watch. Listen. Learn. If you are capturing images then you need (to push for) a written agreement on what happens with your images if you passing them over. Every photographer is different but remember, if you press the shutter, they are YOUR images NOT the photographer you are working with so you need to have an agreement and be comfortable with what is happening to them. The main photographer should NEVER expect you to hand over your images for nothing.

I think I have gone on enough but for your info, I pay my wonderful second shooter a fee to attend weddings with me and to hand over at least 150 edited images post wedding within a week of the wedding. I and my couple have full usage rights on those images. I also pay my work experience students their expenses and I make sure any adults who come for work experience gets hot beverages and cakes … if they are lucky ha ha.

I hope I haven’t put you off. There are many photographers out there so don’t give up. You just need to create that spark and interest. Why are you so different to the hundreds of other people out there wanting something for nothing?! I personally, am a very busy business lady and choose my allies wisely. I’m honest and share my knowledge freely with those I meet and I expect the same from those I come into contact with and teach. The world of photography is so saturated but there are some photographers out there SMASHING the creative process and I can only dream of emulating their work. Namely Sam Hurd. If you do one thing today … go follow him.

Good luck!


The Jumper

Lesley Burdett_0200_IMG_0264

Here’s a heart-warming story for you.

My friend Lucy returned from visiting her grandparent’s house in Shropshire recently and couldn’t believe what her nan had got up to.

Lucy said “I was just about to leave when my Nan got me on my own she said “Lucy, I’ve got something to show you!” and she went away rummaging through carrier bags of stuff under her chair with her back to me. When she turned around she held up this gigantic purple jumper. She said “I’m not sure what happened, I was knitting this jumper for your Granddad and I must have got the measurements mixed up.” I was in hysterics as my Nan knits for a living and has always got a set of needles in her hand. I put it on over my clothes and it absolutely swamped me! She proceeded to say that it had taken her six years to complete and would I be able to put it on eBay for her? After I stopped laughing I said “Sure, but didn’t you realise it was going to be too big?’ She replied “Yes, but I started it so I wanted to finish it!”

How funny is that?! I suggested to Lucy that we take some photos to start the ball rolling on an eBay auction to help raise some ‘wool funds’ for her Nan. She happily agreed.

So here is some photos of Lucy in ‘The Jumper’:

Lesley Burdett_0200_IMG_0275 2

Lesley Burdett_0200_IMG_0239

Lesley Burdett_0200_IMG_0295


I will actually be asking my studio clients over the next few weeks to model The Jumper at the end of their session so we can generate some interest before Lucy creates an eBay auction. If you fancy joining the queue, just book a free studio session here:

Watch this space!

Lesley and Lucy

Lesley Burdett_0100_IMG_1538-4

Played around in the studio today with the multiple exposure setting on my Canon 5D3 and some coloured gels.

Pretty pleased with the results and it has given me an idea to run some sessions allowing people to bring out their alter egos and hidden sides. Get in touch if you have an idea we can shoot.

Many thanks to Pip for dropping in and coming to play!

Lesley Burdett_0100_IMG_1539-2 Lesley Burdett_0100_IMG_1506-2Lesley Burdett_0100_IMG_1531-2

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The rumours are true! You can book a FREE 30 minute studio session with me including one high resolution image or 9×6″ print + a link to a secure on-line gallery. Here’s the link:

The location is Powis Road Studio and time slots are available from 10am to 8pm on selective Thursdays during February and March. Additional photos and images are available to purchase/download at a reasonable rate.

You basically arrive at your selected time and we begin shooting 15 mins later for 30 minutes so I recommend you (and your friends/family) arrive nearly ready for your shoot save for final touches.

If you would like your hair and/or make up for your shoot, then just let me know before hand. The cost would be £100 per person.

Any questions, please shout!


2016-02-03 16.43.28

Today, February 4th 2016, is World Cancer Day.

My name is Lesley Burdett and today I don’t have cancer, specifically Breast Cancer. I know this as yesterday I attended the Brighton Breast Clinic for tests into a lump that appeared in my left breast during the back end of 2015. A visit to my doctors mid January lead to my referral to the breast clinic and the two week wait for my appointment felt like a lifetime. My head was filled with what if’s and I mentally prepared myself to accept and deal with any diagnosis given. I felt I was in the known bracket for breast cancer. I’m a mum of three and breast fed all of my boys, I have been on the pill for many years on and off, I am a smoker and am the wrong side of 45. The only thing I had in my favour, is there is no history of breast cancer in my family.

An early arrival at the clinic saw an initial examination and I was sent to have a mammogram and ultrasound. The mammogram was pretty uncomfortable if I am honest. I am not endowed with huge bazookas so having to squish my little boobs into the perspex sandwich instruments, did make light of the situation. An ultrasound followed soon after and after a few mins of checking and the machine beeping, the doctor said “You have a cyst in your left breast, would you like me to drain it?” “Oh yes!” was my reply. The relief I felt lying in the darkened room was immense. The cyst was drained within minutes and hurt no more than a blood test. The doctor was happy with colour/look of the fluid which was drained and it will be sent off for testing as a precaution. A follow up chat post ultrasound with the original doctor, confirmed that over the next few years, I may be susceptible to further cysts and I should contact my own doctor if this happened. I thanked the doctor and praised her and the staff for how well and how quickly they had dealt with me. Thank god for our NHS.

I actually type this post with some guilt as I have two good friends who have recently battled with breast cancer, mastectomies, chemo and radiotherapy, you know who you are, as well as other friends who have battled cancer in the past. I know I have been lucky on this occasion so I want to take this opportunity to ask you and all my friends, female and male, to take a moment at some point today to check your bits and bobs. It just takes a minute and could save your life.

Finding a breast lump has also helped me find the strength to give up smoking again so I am like a bear with a sore head at the moment but know it’s in mine and beautiful family’s best interests. I’d like to thank the very small group of people who knew about my boob lump for their concern and love and a very special shout out to my man Dave for being there for me.

Take care out there and my thoughts go to anyone battling Cancer right now #fuckcancer


p.s. Do you know how hard it is to write on your own boob?!
p.p.s. If you are offended by my post’s photo then go bite yourself #freethenipple

I am so very lucky to have so many creative contacts as friends, from photography through to fashion, hair, artists and dress making.

When I got a call from Leonie Lawmon who owns the amazing Leonie Claire Bridal Boutique in Brighton asking me to take part in her exclusive launch of Rue De Seine bridal range which she is the UK’s exclusive supplier for the next 6 months, I jumped at the chance. Rue De Seine originates form down under and their dresses and unique, dreamy, boho quite frankly, the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen! Leonie’s original idea of a catwalk, watched by brides and friends and industry people, quickly changed to a styled shoot lead by me and involving some great suppliers. Leonie and I worked together on a styled shoot soon after I was bestowed the title of the ‘Grand Hotel in Brighton’s preferred wedding and event photographer’ and Leonie said she loved my energy and could just imagine guests loving being involved in something similar. It also meant we would have some awesome images of a collection never before seen in the UK!

Leonie’s energy and attention to detail match my own so as soon as we met, little did she know she got my total approval and I knew she would be someone I’d would always love to work with.

Plans were firmed up and soon it was the night of launch on Thursday 24th September. I arrived to find Leonie’s shop being decked out in the most amazing decorations from Kate Langdale Florist. Leonie’s premises are clean and beautiful anyway but to see it adorned in stunning flower displays and hanging art, transported me to somewhere exotic.

110_lesley_burdett_OR8A1155 117_lesley_burdett_OR8A1174 140_lesley_burdett_OR8A1224 368_lesley_burdett_OR8A1770

My assistant and studio buddy Marta turned up soon after and we set about installing the backdrop and lights around the hanging flower feature which was going to be the main focus of the shoot. Hair and make up for our stunning models Naomi and Ella were now in full swing with Willie (hair) and Eleise (MUA) doing the honours.

119_lesley_burdett_OR8A1178 136_lesley_burdett_OR8A1219157_lesley_burdett_OR8A1257 206_lesley_burdett_OR8A1353

After a quick run through, it was time for guests to start arriving. I took a quick break …


The evening went wonderfully. Fizz was flowing and canapes were nibbled.

133_lesley_burdett_OR8A1211 212_lesley_burdett_OR8A1364 235_lesley_burdett_OR8A1405 239_lesley_burdett_OR8A1411 251_lesley_burdett_OR8A1436 257_lesley_burdett_OR8A1453 261_lesley_burdett_OR8A1460 270_lesley_burdett_OR8A1477 274_lesley_burdett_OR8A1485 281_lesley_burdett_OR8A1507 282_lesley_burdett_OR8A1508 287_lesley_burdett_OR8A1516 289_lesley_burdett_OR8A1518 298_lesley_burdett_OR8A1529 301_lesley_burdett_OR8A1539 308_lesley_burdett_OR8A1553 337_lesley_burdett_OR8A1633

Guests were blown away by the dresses and I loved chatting in between dress changes. It went very quickly and before I knew it, it was time to pack up. I seriously loved shooting the dresses and working with such an amazing team. My personal thanks to Marta for being my right hand girl and shooting behind the scenes and to Leonie for jumping aboard the crazy train and trying something different. I really hope the UK blogs love the photos. Here’s a selection for you:

Behind the scenes images courtesy of Marta.

Until next time.




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